Gastric Band Diet Tips…

The modern world’s fight against obesity is going on fiercely. Every day new and innovative techniques are experimented with in order to lose weight and promote a healthier body image.

Such an innovative and new method is the gastric band surgery. The procedure involves putting a silicone gastric band around the upper part of the stomach. This reduces the available space in the stomach and prevents overeating, thus preventing obesity.

Having undergone gastric band surgery, there are certain diet limitations which have to be considered. It is essential that the newly spaced stomach gets acquainted with food slowly and gets time to adapt.


What to eat initially?

The first one or two weeks following surgery are the most crucial. This is the period where the band has been freshly placed around the stomach and following a strict diet is necessary. Dilute squash, tea, apple juice, clear broth, water, and ice-cubes are some options to choose from. It is essential to incorporate milk and drinkable vitamins and minerals so during the initial phase you do not end up losing vitamins and minerals.


How to progress with the diet?

During the course of the third to the fourth week following surgery, start introducing pureed foods like blended vegetables, custard, mashed potato and blended meat. Do remember to continue consuming water as you cannot afford the recovering gut to experience acidity.


How to return to the normal diet?

Week five to six are designated for soft food. Incorporate finely diced meat, cooked vegetables, scrambled eggs, rice, and pasta. This is a preparatory phase where you are preparing your stomach for a normal everyday diet.

Six weeks post-surgery you can consume a normal diet composed of solid foods. However, care has to be taken with the chewing of food. Do not gulp down solid food without vigorously chewing it. Eat patiently as eating too fast can cause abdominal pain. Also stop when you feel you are full, as overeating can lead to pain and discomfort too.

Things to take care of throughout the diet

  1. After the gastric band surgery, you are required to eat and drink less and slowly and patiently. Eating too quickly and stuffing the healing stomach leads to Dumping Syndrome. The food reaches the stomach earlier than normal and leads to nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and sweating.
  2. Do not drink liquids with your meals. This could lead to nausea, vomiting, and pain. Always drink water before the meal. To prevent dehydration, consume a good quantity of water, but never with the meals.
  3. After the gastric band surgery, do not strain your belly with processed foods high in sugar and fat. Instead, opt for foods high in protein like lean cuts of meat.
  4. Develop your own routine and tolerance with food. Try one food item at a time and monitor the response of your stomach. This way it is easier for you to determine which foods to eat and which to avoid.
  5. Regularly consume vitamins and minerals to prevent a deficiency.