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Finding out what motivates you on a subconscious level is key to making lasting changes and achieving long-term weight loss success. Uncover the secrets to weight loss success by using hypnosis and develop a personal plan of action.


Once you have the right mindset and find out what works for you taking the steps can be easier than expected. Let us help you create a plan that works, everyone’s level of fitness is different and a tailored is always the best fit.


Healthy choices don’t have to be hard choices! Feel empowered to change your lifestyle and create new flavours that you enjoy.
Find a new diet that rewards you with a new figure and satisfies your appetite for life.


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The Advantages of LapBand Surgery


Are you obese? If so, you may be concerned with your health. Obesity can lead to other health complications, including the early onset of death. For that reason, you may be ready to make the change. If so, you may turn to the internet to research your options. In just a few minutes, you will find the LapBand surgery.

The LapBand surgery is a popular procedure that has been performed in the United States since 2001. Although many Americans opt for this procedure and see success, you may be looking for more proof. What is it that makes the LapBand system better than other gastric bypass surgeries?

1 – The LapBand System is Adjustable

Unlike many other forms of bariatric surgery, the LapBand is adjustable. This is very important for tailoring to patient needs. In fact, adjustments are common.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that you and your doctor will work together to decide on the appropriate measurements. This will give you the best chance of weight loss success. With that said, adjustments can be made at anytime. Are you not losing enough weight? Have you lost too much? If so, your band can easily be adjusted to fit your needs.

If that wasn’t enough, the LapBand system can be adjusted without surgery. Adjustment is performed with the use of saline and a thin needle. In most cases, adjustments are included in the overall cost of LapBand surgery.

2 – The LapBand System is Safe

According to the official website for the LapBand procedure, it is the safest obesity surgery currently available in the United States. It has the lowest mortality rate, as well as the lowest complication rate. This, alone, may give you comfort and peace of mind.

As for why the LapBand is the safest surgery option for those suffering from obesity, it involves the procedure. With the LapBand, there is so stomach pouch cutting and stapling. This reduces the risk of complications, including infection and scarring. Instead, an adjustable gastric band, known as the LapBand, is used to reduce stomach size.

While the LapBand procedure is considered safe and effective, further reduce the risk of complications by opting for a Board Certified Surgeon and by following all doctor recommendations.